Khaled Noor

A Strong Voice for Local Communities in Ilford South.

As a councillor I am always speaking to residents about important local matters, like anti-social behaviour, crime, housing and many other issues. Each day is an opportunity to learn of some incredible heart-warming and inspiring stories which people share with me. I am immensely grateful for every opportunity and occasion which brings me closer to the community and offers me a chance to bring betterment and positive change in their lives.

I am pleased to share that I am running to be the next MP for Ilford South. As a local resident I will be the unifying figure and a strong voice for local communities in Parliament. Ilford South deserves an MP who can understand their situation and who has a genuine interest invested in ensuring they will seek to address the hardest hitting issues facing our communities. This aspiration is within our reach if Labour selects a local candidate from the local BAME community.

If you live in Ilford or you are a member of Ilford South, please get in touch with me. I am interested to hear from you.


What Do Local Residents Think?

I have known Khaled for the last 9 years as a Labour activist, Community worker & Civil Society organiser. As a local resident and Councillor, he is well-connected and respected within different sections of our diverse communities…As an honest sincere and hardworking person, Khaled would be a good Member of Parliament representing Ilford South. I therefore encourage members to support Khaled
Mohammed Azam
FCCA Accountant, Cranbrook
Khaled Noor is my neighbour and well-respected member of the community, we have worked together when I was Secretary for the Labour party, Seven Kings branch and he was Chair. Khaled has worked hard to raise awareness for rough sleepers in the area through his charitable initiative and is committed to serving our community as a Councillor. I believe that he would be a great MP for Ilford South – I am pleased to support Khaled and ask members to vote for Khaled
Natascha Dar
HRM Manager, Seven Kings
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