Khaled Noor is a life-long political activist – known for working, campaigning and standing up for his local communities. In May 2018, Khaled Noor was elected to Redbridge Council as a Labour councillor for Barkingside Ward, Ilford. As a councillor, he is serving as a member of the Health and People Scrutiny Committees and the Education Scrutiny Panel.

As a local councillor I’m always speaking to residents about important local matters, like anti-social behaviour, crime, housing and many other issues. Each day is an opportunity to learn of some incredible heart-warming and inspiring stories which people share with me.

Khaled Noor is a qualified barrister and solicitor with over 16 years of experience specialising in Human Rights and Immigration Law. Since 2015, he has been working as the Principal Solicitor of a small, friendly legal practice in East London.

In September 2018, Khaled engaged in a special campaign held to raise awareness of the growing number of homeless people in Redbridge by running 5K each week for a year. He will be completing his challenge on 29th September at Seven Kings Park.

In 2014, Khaled initiated a successful Movement Against Xenophobia (MAX), a national umbrella organisation made up of more than 100 voluntary organisations, trade unions and MPs to promote the rights and contributions of migrants and BAME communities in the UK.

In 2012, Khaled was invited to the First Oral Evidence Session of the Family Migration Inquiry organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration (APPG) and made representations against the former Government’s proposed new income threshold for Non-EU spouses to settle or enter the UK.

Khaled Noor is also the founder of the Muslim Professionals Forum (MPF) and has been its Chair since 2008. This is an independent, non-profit making organisation which promotes professionals and voluntary organisations working in partnership to share ideas and expertise. His outstanding contributions to society have been publicly recognised by the British Asian media and he is a regular contributor on TV and in local newspapers on legal and current affairs issues.

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