Election Pledges

If I am elected as your next MP for Ilford South, I promise to work hard to deliver noticeable grassroots level changes.


There is a serious shortage of truly affordable, sustainable and social housing in Ilford South.

  • I will ensure that truly affordable, sustainable, social housing is being built and that new developments aren’t just big vanity projects reaching for the sky but become centres for community cohesion and inclusion – not towers of social segregation.
  • I will ensure that strategic open communication is established with the Mayor of London and Redbridge Council to address the local housing shortage and a review is undertaken on the suitability of sites for different types of development in Ilford South.
  • I will work closely with the Council to protect local communities’ interests from developers who refuse to commit to offering 50% social housing and fairer renting options.
  • I will lobby developers to put local residents’ interests ahead of overseas investors by offering local people the first right to buy in Ilford South.


Crime & anti-social behaviour is a real concern for many local residents living in Redbridge.

  • I will make it one of my top priorities to see that our residents feel safe in our streets and neighbourhoods in Ilford South by working closely with local police and Neighbourhood Watch Groups.
  • I will campaign against police cuts which have seen the number of police officers across London halved in the last 10 years.
  • I will keep constituents at the heart of all local policing matters during any developments which could affect the safety of residents in Ilford South.
  • I will see that we allocate essential funds to the Metropolitan Police so that they can continue to fight serious crime and anti-social behaviour across Ilford South.


As a Councillor I am a member of the People and Health Scrutiny Committees and the Education Scrutiny Panel on Redbridge Council.

  • I will make it my priority to see that King George Hospital’s A&E and other vital services are fully restored and operational for local residents.
  • In Parliament, I will campaign for more resources to be allocated to Redbridge Council to invest in our National Health Services in Ilford South.
  • I will campaign for the Government to commit to better pay deals for doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers and invest in their continuing training and education, in order to ensure the utmost professional care is being offered to patients, especially to the elderly and the young.


As a small business owner myself I want to see a thriving business community established in Ilford South.

  • I will ensure that sustainable development leading to local job creation and employment opportunities is back on the agenda for Ilford South.
  • Job creation is key to securing the livelihoods of local residents. I will work with all stakeholders to introduce plans to create an entrepreneurial hub in the heart of Ilford South to encourage a thriving business community.
  • I will lobby the Council to review the current business rates threshold to ensure that small to medium sized enterprises succeed and thrive in our local communities.
  • I will collaborate with Redbridge Council and key local organisations to offer training, internship and apprenticeship programmes for 18-34 year olds so they can develop essential work skills.
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